Sunday, April 01, 2012

Webster Easter Celebration

Our Easter celebration at church was GREAT!! The day started with a craft with Cari. The kids made a beautiful sun-catcher. Lunch consisted of subs, chips, veggies, and AMAZING cupcakes. The kids then went on a Resurrection Walk. They were able to walk in "Jesus footsteps." They shared the Lord's supper together, went to the garden of Gethsemane with Heidi, went to the foot of the cross with Phillip and then into the empty tomb. We had so much fun singing "Alive, Alive, My Jesus is Alive" together.

My favorite part of the day was Ivy looking at me when we got to the cross and saying with such excitement, "mommy, I remember this from last year. Look, there is the crown of thorns. Look there is the cross and the nails." My heart cries out for her to remember the real reason for Easter. This is the third year that we have had the Resurrection Walk at Webster and I pray that it is one tradition that never stops for our family. I pray that Ivy never looses her excitement. I pray that she will always be in awe of what Jesus did on the cross for her. Seeing the kids and especially sweet boy Sean Pate sitting at the foot of the cross listening to Mr. Phillip share about what Jesus did for him and for us was awesome!!! I was overjoyed at the end of the day.

Another favorite part of the day for me was, how my precious mom and friend Shelia from church cleaned up the kitchen and the fellowship hall. I was expecting to be at church forever cleaning up. But, when we finished the Easter Egg Hunt and went inside the fellowship hall, it was clean. Thank you mom and Shelia. Thank you Sharon for coming and watching Hayley!

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