Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's happening in Kentucky?

1st morning in Kentucky!
Hayley has been so much fun to have here! She loves walking around our new house!

We got internet today! So thankful! I am also so thankful to NOT have had internet for a while. Thankful because I knew as soon as I got the internet back that I would want to write down all that God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. I don’t want to forget ANY of it! Yet, how can I write down ALL that He has done? He is so GOOD. He is SO faithful!
Family and Friends, thank you for loving us so well. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for calling us, thinking of us, sending cards, texting us.

We are in Kentucky! It is COLD! It is BIG! It is DIFFERENT! It is not Cullowhee! My mom and dad are not here but I feel their prayers and experience the peace of having their blessing on us being here. My mother and father in law are not here but their prayers are ministering to us. Our Webster brothers and sisters are not physically here! But GOD IS HERE!!!!! I’ve been teaching Ivy for a long time that our God is BIG and that He is everywhere. He is BIG and He is Everywhere!

I saw him when I walked into our new house and opened our cabinet doors. A sweet sister in Christ that I had never met had unpacked my dishes and put them away. I saw Him when I was handed cookies and coffee that a brother in Christ that I had never met before dropped by.                       
 I saw God when Matt and Alicia came and stayed with us for two days and cleaned and unpacked with us.                                                                   
I saw God when a friend of Rick and Patti Harper’s who lives here in Louisville, had us over for dinner.                                                                                           
I saw God when a man from a church we visited invited Brent to go squirrel hunting.                                                             
I saw God when my brothers and sisters from Home text me and called at just the right time.                                                   
I saw God and EXPERIENCED the power of His Holy Spirit when Ivy had a meltdown at 2:45 PM on our second day here. I sat with her and prayed with her and received a text message from Deb Shotlz that said, “Hey Ivy. Jesus told me to pray for you today at 2:45 PM. So I did!”
I saw God working in Ivy’s heart when He helped her be excited about going to her new school. (Classical Conversations)
I saw God working in Ivy’s heart when He gave her excitement over her new house and meeting new friends.
I saw God when I went to an exercise class at 7:15 AM yesterday AM at the seminary. The class was hard but fun and at the end the lady prayed over every person in the class out loud. After the class, I talked with her and found that she and her husband are part of a church plant here for the Hispanic community. It was so encouraging to be around her.
Yes! It has been sad and hard but HE is here so it’s been a blessing too! It’s hard getting lost and driving up one way streets. It’s hard because it’s so cold and our house is old. BUT plastic over the windows have helped A LOT! It’s hard because we just miss our family and friends and it’s ONLY been a week but It’s good too and I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything!
We had to clean our new house from top to bottom!

Uncle Matt is so talented! He can clean and set up a school room better than anyone I've ever seen! I'm not joking!

So! So! So! Thankful for Matt and Alicia coming to help us!
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Aunt Alicia and Hayley cleaning!

Ivy's first day of Classical Conversations!

We learned about the great artist "Giotto!" We crushed chalk, added eggs and water and then had our own paint!

Crushing the chalk!

It was hard to crush the chalk!

Ms. George is our tutor

We learned about what a helping verb is!  It helps another verb assert action, being or existence.

We did a science experiement. We talked about why we have seasons!

Ivy got to wear a uniform!
We learned about Ancient Africa and located places on the map.

Showing daddy what we learned.

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