Monday, January 28, 2013

New Things!

Ivy and Hayley have been spending more and more time together since we got to KY. It is so sweet to see them playing. Ivy is a GREAT big sister. Ivy is a GREAT help to me. Hayley adores her Idy!

The Seminary Rec center has lots of activities for families. We get to go swimming, use the weight room, take as many fitness classes as we want too or can. They also offer child care.

What a lunch!!!!!  Pasta and black eyed peas! YUMMY!

We went to the library today. There are two libraries within 10 minutes of us. We went to the library close to the seminary called Crescent Hill. Ivy picked it.  She remembered us driving past it when came to visit. It is so pretty.  The kids section is in a big "castle." I will take my camera next time. We have to go back soon and get a library card. We couldn't check out books today because I didn't have proper identification.:)

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Michelle said...

They are so beautiful!!!