Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve morning, Memaw and Sharon came over and had cinnamon rolls with us. It was so fun and Yummy. On Christmas Eve night, Nana and Paw, Matt, Alicia, Trent and Emma and a special friend Kyrie came over for dinner. We had lasagna and yummy Oreo balls. After dinner, we went to church. Brent and I started going to Christmas Eve services before we got married. We really feel that there is no better place to be on Christmas Eve than at church with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I love singing carols on Christmas Eve about our Savior and worshiping our Creator, our King. I am so thankful for those who organize this special service for us.

 Daddy and Ivy let me open a gift on Christmas Eve! I had no idea what it was until this picture was taken...at this moment, Ivy could stand it no longer. She said, "Mom, you can read it!"

A new ESV bible! I needed a new bible. I somehow lost Genesis out of my old one!

Ivy took our picture!

I love this man!

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