Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainbow shoes!

We went to North Carolina for a visit. It took us 10 1/2 hours to get to NC. It usually just takes us 6. There was a lot of traffic. When we got to Waynesville, there was so much traffic that we took an exit. It turns out that Memaw and Papaw took that exit too! They met us at Hardees! We had chocolate milk shakes and the best present of all... RAINBOW SHOES for Hayley! Hayley had been wearing a pair of rainbow shoes from last summer. They were way too small but she loved them and insisted on wearing them every day. Memaw and Papaw set out on a mission to find her a new pair and they did! YEAH! Thanks Memaw and Papaw!

We were so excited to see Nana and Paw Stewart! They were waiting on us! Trent too!

 Trent and Ivy switched pajamas!

Loving on Emma!

Reading books with Alicia!

 Making Cookies with Memaw!

 Visit with Great Grandmaw...Mimi!

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