Friday, June 27, 2014


I'm not sure what Hayley was pretending to be. She had a wig, a scarf, a veil and a crown!

Hayley makes us laugh and laugh! She is just so good for us! She wakes up early no matter how late she went to bed, how short her naps are, etc. She is a MORNING person! Brent says she is just like me in the mornings! I hear her in the mornings get out of her bed and open her door and it just makes me smile. She always comes out and says, "I waked up in the morning!" She runs to me and gives me the biggest smile and the biggest hug. Most of the time, she comes out dressed up in a princess dress. This morning she came out pushing her stroller. Brent yelled, "Hayley, some people are trying to sleep. Could you keep it down?" It just makes me laugh!

This morning I was reading Hayley the bible. We were reading the story of the "Ten Lepers." I said, "Hayley, only one of the men went back to thank Jesus for healing him. Where did the other 9 men go?" Hayley said, "They went to Target!"

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