Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ruthie sent us an Easter Box!

Wow! Ruthie sent us Easter Movies!

Hayley found a book just for her!

Wow makes music!

What do you have Ivy?

Here are some kind of puzzles!

Ivy helped Hayley put the puzzles together!

This was a donkey....heehaw!

Ruthie also sent us Easter Cookie's to decorate! Hayley didn't want to decorate hers! She wanted to EAT IT!

Ivy did a great job decorating the cookies!

Ruthie...thanks so much for thinking and praying for us! Thank you for calling us! Thank you for sending things that you know the girls will love! After the cookies were decorated, Ivy and I made soup.  We took the Jelly Bean Prayer and printed off the labels. We put Jelly Beans in a ziplock bag. We then took the bags of jelly beans, cookies and soups to our two neighbors. It was nice to visit with them. Please pray for both of them to put their trust in Jesus!

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