Wednesday, February 13, 2013

They finally came.....

Ivy painting Sharon and Ruth's birthday presents.
Hayley calls Ruth "Ru Ru"

Aunt Sharon and Aunt Ruth came to visit us. Ivy prepared for several days for their arrival. She decided on presents (she made them), she decided on decorations, the menu and how we would celebrate. It was so nice when they finally arrive. We are so grateful that they came to see us.
Ivy setting the table for Sharon and Ruth's party!

Ivy put every sprinkle, by one, by one, by one.......

Hayley was VERY sick while they were here but it didn't stop Sharon and Ruth from loving on her!

For our birthday entertainment, Ivy read a chapter book out loud.

We all went to watch Ivy in her PE class at the seminary.

So thankful Ivy gets to do PE! She loves it!

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