Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daddy is FUN!

Ivy always says to me, "Daddy is FUN!" I was looking at pictures that I have taken over the past two weeks and came across several that were of him and his girls having FUN! Here are pictures of daddy taking all of his girls (me included!) to the Mad Badder for breakfast! Ivy loves their cinnamon rolls and it's a BIG treat for her to get to sit in the seats looking out the window. Here is another picture of daddy reading to Hayley! Notices how Hayley wants to eat the book and grab it with her hands! Also, here is a picture of Daddy playing "old maid" with Ivy. It was so funny to watch daddy playing this with Ivy. Ivy couldn't help but "give" away every time she had the Old Maid. Daddy also played Go Fish with Ivy with a set of Princess cards. It was hard for Brent to win this game because he isn't too familiar with the Disney Princesses and didn't know who to ask for!! We love our daddy!

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