Friday, December 09, 2011

Fun With DAD!


Christmas Tree Season is Almost over! We Praise God for being faithful and selling Christmas Trees. God really is amazing and we are so thankful!
Father, Thank you for another great tree season. Thank you for selling trees. Thank you for providing workers. Thank you for the fellowship that you allowed between Brent, Matt, Devin and many others. Thank you for the Hispanic workers. Thank you for Tino and Andres and for the love you have put in Brent, Matt and Devin's heart toward them. Thank you for providing Devin with many opportunities to witness to Grant. Thank you for Devin's love and faithfulness to love Brent and to share the gospel. Bless him Lord!

Thank you for watching over Brent and all of the workers. Thank you for giving Brent a wonderful brother in Matt. Lord, it is truly a blessing to watch them work together.
Lord, I sure have missed my husband for the past month but you have carried me and given me strength and lots of Joy from being with my two girls. Thank you for Brent. Lord, please bless him and give him vision for our future and wisdom to lead our family.

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