Thursday, December 01, 2011

Aunt Mary and I took Hayley and Ivy to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville to see the Gingerbread houses. We were pleasantly surprised when Aunt Sharon showed up! IT was so much fun. I have more pictures that I will post tomorrow of the gingerbread houses but here are two that Sharon sent me from her camera.
A few fun memories from the trip: Ivy sat on a rope that they had put up around a HUGE Christmas tree to keep people from getting to close to the tree. When she sat on it, it fell over and about 50 people turned to look at us. Ivy was very embarrassed. I was just so thankful she didn't get hurt and that the tree didn't crash through the window. As we were leaving I said, "Ivy wasn't that fun!" Ivy said, "Mom, I just wasn't too interested in it! I didn't think that the candy on the houses looked good. I didn't even want to eat it."
I talked to her about having a thankful heart and trying to find things that she did like about our trip. As I was driving home thinking about Ivy's comment, I realized that I'm Thankful that she was honest! I'm thankful for Mary Sue! I'm thankful for my sister. I'm thankful for my girls. I'm thankful for this Christmas season. I'm so thankful for Jesus!

And my favorite part of the trip was Dunkin Donuts! be real honest, the gingerbread houses were in my opinion just "ok" too. I was just excited about dressing my girls up and going to Asheville!

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