Monday, September 22, 2014

We love our Cousins!

 Matt and Alicia came to visit! We really enjoyed our time with them! Brent had a conference at school while they were here, but Matt, Alicia, the kids and I had fun traveling around. We went to the park, Henry's Ark, and The Creation Museum. Ivy and Trent put on some "Shows" for us! Hayley and Emma Kate played very well together! We are so thankful they came to see us!

Henry's Ark is one of the neatest places around Louisville! It's a free petting zoo. We take crackers or carrots. The animals let you pet them and feed them! It's only 15 minutes from our house!

Ivy liked the cat. His name was Zoozy...well that's what Trent and Ivy named it!

 Creation Museum, here we come!

Camel Rides

 And of course....SWEET FROGS for Yogurt!

"Trent, what kind do you have?"

 It was also "Bouncy House" day at the seminary!

Matt and Alicia, thanks for coming! We will see you soon! Love you! BUNCHES!

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