Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Thankful to see the snow! Our power was off for a couple of hours but God was kind and it came back on! The girls were great while the power was off! They cuddled up on the couch, read books together and watched it snow out the window. When the power came back on and I knew that I could get them warm when we came back inside, I let them go out and play!

 They tried so hard to make a snowman! It was just WAY too cold to stay out long enough! We need to invest in better gloves and pants! We are thankful for nice warm coats! Thanks Nana and Memaw for getting us matching black coats!

 Our snowman did have a scarf, carrot nose....

 And he had Oreo eyes....thanks Sharon for the Trader Joe's Oreos....they came in handy......

 oh...and we did have school today even though it snowed and snowed and snowed! We also had a crazy treat.....Macaroni and Cheese for breakfast! The girls couldn't believe I let them have it! Thanks God for these precious little girls!

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