Friday, October 25, 2013

Music, Art and History.....

At CC this week, Ivy was introduced to the tin whistle. It is a lot like the recorder I used to teach in public school.

Trying to get those finger holes covered!

In art this week, we made sun prints.

I'm so thankful for Ivy's teacher at CC. She is a Godly woman who has such a sweet spirit. She is so gentle and encouraging with the kids, so energetic, so loving and she has beautiful voice. She has 4 daughters. Her husband is finishing his PhD at the seminary. Their family lived in China before coming here.

Working on the timeline!
A few nights ago, Ivy and her daddy were reading a biography about Martin Luther the protestant reformer. I was in the kitchen working on homeschool plans. She came running into the kitchen and said mommy Martin Luther really did nail that paper to the door. She proceeded to sing her history sentence that we learned a few weeks ago. It was so fun for me to see that God is helping her make connections about the things that we are learning.

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