Thursday, October 10, 2013

9 Year Anniversary

October 2nd was our nine year anniversary.  Brent was so sweet to plan a trip for the two of us. The girls stayed with grandparents for a week! I can't believe that we were away from the girls for that long! It was really a gift from the Lord for Brent and I to get to spend time together. We have only left Ivy for a night or two in seven years. We've only been away from Hayley for a couple of nights she was born too. It was very different to be without the girls but very important for Brent and I!

We went to an Inn in Harrodsburg KY. It was an old Shaker Village. It was beautiful. It was very different. So glad we went to this place! We got to walk around, eat a lot, saw a sunset, saw deer, we took a boat ride down the KY river.

We also went to the Natural Bridge Park in KY. It was beautiful. I forgot how much I like to hike! It make me realize how I have taken the mountains in NC for granted. I love the outdoors and I love FALL.

We also stayed at a bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast was on a 300 acre farm. It was beautiful but VERY rustic. Email me for the extended details....most of you know my phobia of mice.:) We know that God took us to that bed and breakfast. Brent shared the gospel with a man from India. It was beauitful to sit there and hear the gospel. I think it was my favorite time of hearing it. I could see Brent's heart as he shared with the man. The man rejected the Good News but I know that God will continue to work on that man. You can help us pray for him!

The week ended with us going to an  adoption conference at the seminary. What a blessing!

Shaker Village

Riverboat Ride
Inn At Shaker Village

Under the bridge

On top of the bridge

Our little "Rustic cabin" that is featured in Natural Geographic Magazine, Southern Home....I have my own little reviews of this cabin...check with me before you go try it out:)

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M and L Bishop said...

Love this blog!! Need the extended details about the mice! Haha! So thankful you two got away!! Love you both!