Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting ready for Mothers Day

Ivy and daddy making mommy cupcakes! I really enjoyed listening to these two laugh and have fun!
 Daddy and Ivy have been getting "ready" for mothers day all week. They have talked about it non stop. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with Brent and Ivy and Hayley too! Ivy and daddy asked me to drop them off at the dollar tree last week. I did so. They shopped and walked 1 1/2 home.They  got me a new devotional book, some new running shoes and a few fun things that really surprised me! Dental floss, a mint chocolate candy bar and some used chap stick that Ivy found under the couch! I just love her! They were so excited that they couldn't wait until Sunday. Daddy said we need to celebrate Mothers Day Eve!

The finished cupcakes!

Ivy covered my head up and put the devotional in my lap.

Love this girl!

Everyone loves dental floss for mothers day!

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Darlene Melcher said...

love the floss!