Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Study about Presidents!

With 2012 being an election year, I thought it would be fun for us to learn about some presidents and first ladies. We read several books about presidents. Our favorite books were biographies about the first ladies. We read about Elenor Roosevelt, Laura Bush, and Ivy’s favorite Abigail Adams. Ms. Jenny taught the kids in our Co-op a song about the presidents.

Ivy has heard a lot about our president from her Nana Stewart. We got online this morning to see who had won the election. (If you want to know the full details of Ivy's have to call me or email!) Afterward, we both wrote out prayers for our president. What a great reminder for me that God is the Blessed controller of all things! 

Ivy’s prayer: “Lord Jesus, Thank you for our president. Please save Him. Help us to trust you! Amen PS. We love you!”
Mom’s prayer: Dear God, You are Sovereign. You are in complete control. Lord, please help our president to put his trust in You. Please use Him for your glory. Please convict him of sin. Help us to submit to the one you allowed to be in authority. Help us to pray for our president. Give him wisdom and help him Lord as he has a hard job. Help us to trust you. Help our nation to pray and cry out to you.  Amen

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