Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Praising Him Today!

I have been sick for a long time. It started a month ago as a cold. It got a little worse and a little worse. For four weeks, coughing has been my constant companion.

Then, two weeks ago Ivy and Brent got the stomach bug. I praised God that I didn't get the stomach bug! But, I was still sick with a cold and cough and just didn't take time to go see the doctor.  I woke up last Monday and couldn't move because I was so sore from coughing. I went to the Urgent Care. They gave me meds. On Friday, I wasn't better so I went back to the doctor. She gave me a different med. On the next Tuesday, I was really sick so went back to the doctor. They finally said, "Your chest x-ray shows that your lungs are really full and yes you are really sick. FINALLY...after MUCH prayer from my sweet family and friends, I got some GOOD Meds. I am still really tired (which is why I am sitting blogging instead of cleaning our house) but can tell that I am headed to recovery.

I am writing about this "sickness" for several reasons. God has shown me over and over again that HE is my strength. He is my healer. I have often thought that I had lots of energy and lots of ability to multi-task and get things done. Well, I have seen that it is only by the grace of God that I am able to do anything.

Many of you know that one big fear I have about moving to seminary is being away from my family. I have an amazing family. They are simply amazing. I have often said, "What happens if I get sick, Brent is in school and I can't cook or take care of the girls?" A dear friend Ellen has said, "God has his people everywhere! He will send someone to help!" Well, we haven't moved yet, and I saw this last week. God is everywhere. His body is everywhere.  I was so sick last Thursday. I was having such a bad day. While at homeschool co-op, I ran into a girl who said, "how are you?" I told her sick and in need of prayer. That same sister in Christ brought us dinner that night. Another sweet lady from our church brought us dinner another night.

God has also allowed me to see that Ivy is truly a gift from God. She has helped me so much. I haven't had to ask her to do anything. When we went to the library, she got out and before I could get the books out of the car and get to Hayley, Ivy already had Hayley out of her seat and carried her into the library. (did I mention I was so sore that I could barely pick Hayley up?) What a blessing! Ivy has prayed for me constantly. If I started coughing, she would start praying. Several times this week, I just needed to lay down. I was afraid of falling asleep and Ivy being alone so Ivy got a book, crawled in bed with me and just read while I took a nap. Just God's kindness to me in so many ways.

Of course, my mom, dad, sister, mother in law have been amazing. My dad watched the girls all by himself one afternoon. (He said, "Wow, this is hard. I'm not used to this! Made me laugh!) My mom has fixed dinner. Mother in law fixed dinner. Brent has been so busy with trees but still prayed, text me and hugged me!  My sister in law Alicia has been so good to help with Ivy. 

I am so tired today but so full of joy and thankfulness. Just had to Praise Him! He knows what we need! He knows when we need it. We just have to TRUST HIM!!!!!

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