Thursday, January 08, 2015

Christmas with Memaw and Papaw!

Papaw got new fishing gear!
A play microwave
Aunt Sharon! Poor aunt Sharon. She spent Christmas Eve in the emergency room with a reaction to a cough medicine but she was still up early on Christmas day to LOAD the girls down with presents! (We are so enjoying the first I thought that we would never use it but it is such a good gift to help with school. Ivy has been using it alot to do her flashcards on and Hayley uses it to do a learning phonics game! Thanks Aunt Sharon for keeping us up to date on technology...can you come put some more learning games on it? I haven't figured it out yet!)

A new princess gown!

That's my Papaw! 
Hayley said, "Papaw, listen! I am reading to you!" (She was reading the instruction manual for one of her toys!)
Christmas laughing and hugs and lot of LOVE!

My sweet husband!  I Love him so!!

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