Saturday, July 26, 2014

God's Kindness!

Hanging out on the swing!
 We traveled to NC for a week (which turned into almost two:)! Brent went to help in the Christmas Trees. It was also a great time to visit with family and celebrate the girls bdays. Brent had the opportunity to preach at Webster and teach on a Sunday night at Black Mountain. God was kind and we were so thankful for the opportunity to be with family, friends and open up God's word with them! 
Devin, Ellen and Josiah came to visit. We are so thankful for our brother and sister!

It was fun to get to hang out with this precious boy!

I love this special lady!
 On Sunday afternoon, my dad pulled out my OLD bicyle! Ivy enjoyed riding it!

I'm so thankful for this man!

It was fun to catch up with these friends:
Brent and Jamie

Devin made Brent a FUNNY Birthday card!  (Don't tell anyone...Brent turns 40 in August)
 These pictures are just too funny....(I'm really thankful to God for these Godly men who have loved on Brent and our family! They have prayed for us and spurred us on toward Christ! What a blessing they and their wives are too our family!

Thanks Matt and Alicia for the hamburgers and opening up your home to us!

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