Saturday, April 05, 2014

Paw and Nana Stewart

 Nannie and Paw came to visit us! We are so thankful they did!

 Hayley didn't want to have her picture made!

 Paw put a piece of card board on Ivy's bike to make it sound like a "motorcycle!"

 Nana pushed Hayley all around the porch!

 We went to feed the ducks!

 Ivy did some shows for us!

 We took Nana and Paw to Bernheim Forest!

 The "Fire Tower" was closed so we couldn't climb up. Hayley remembered climbing up last time. Can you see how upset she is?

 We took a hike...under the bridge, through the cave, through the creek....

 Paw carried Hayley!

 Paw told Hayley the different types of trees and let her touch them! She loved this!

 We had a snack!

 Paw took Ivy to Trader Joes and bought ice cream!

Ivy made a table decoration out of red peppers!
 Ivy set up a table full of things we could look at with the magnifying glass....

 We looked at coffee, sticks, mushrooms and more!

Paw and Nana, we love you! Thanks for coming!

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