Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hi, I'm Ivy....daddy calls me Squirrel!

Some things about Ivy:
 - Ivy is such a big help to me!
-Ivy is learning so much about God and is growing in her prayer life
-Ivy is learning so much about God's world through CC....it is simply amazing the facts that God has allowed her to memorize and the conections that she is making
-Ivy is a great big sister
-Ivy looks ALOT like her me but she acts ALOT like her dad! She plans and plans just like me. She forgets things just like Brent. She is always loosing her shoes just like her dad is always loosing his wallet. She's such a mix of the two of us! Brent's new nick name for Ivy is "Squirrel!"

Ivy has preschool for Hayley every day. Here they are having "music" time!

Hayley dresses up every day....not sure why but her bloomers made a good hat!

Daddy took Ivy to Home Depot for Kids craft day! We love free crafts! They had a great time. They made a Trojian Horse Bank.

Having a tea party

 This is the reason I did this post: This is Ivy's homemade toilet paper holder. Notice the straw and tape! It is just so hard for me to describe Ivy! She's so funny and so creative and well I need words to describe her....This picture does it! She does crafty things like this all the time! 

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