Monday, September 02, 2013

Learning so much!

You can't tell a lot from this picture but Hayley had dirt all over her. She was filthy! Dirt in her hair, ears, eyes, in between her toes! What fun!!!!

I'm really thankful for our gospel community group. We have learned a lot from being with our brothers and sisters in this group. We had an outreach and invited several people from Nepal. The Lord really used the precious women from Nepal to work in my heart. As I sat with them and tried so hard to communicate with them, I really fell in love with them and desperately want them to come to know Jesus and put their trust in Him. Help me pray for them!

At our Gospel Community Group, Hayley played with friends and had a Popsicle!

This little girl is EVERYWHERE! I can hardly keep up. She is precious and unique. God has made us all so different and so special.  I'm thankful for her. I pray daily for the Lord to give me insight into her personality and her heart. I pray that the Lord would show me how to discipline her, love her, teach her and be consistent with her. Help me pray for her! She is a sponge right now!

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