Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aunt Sharon and Cousin James Visit!

Hayley loving on Sharon! Hayley can finally say Sharon!

 We are so thankful that Aunt Sharon and Cousin James came to visit us in KY! We have looked forward to their visit for SOOOO long!

James and Edward got the girls a bowling set!

James showed the girls how to bowl!


Ivy and James blowing up the air mattress for James to sleep on!

James and Sharon went to watch Ivy play soccer. It was also picture day! Here is Ivy's soccer team!


Ivy waiting!

Ivy running!

Ivy running some more!

Loving on Aunt Sharon
Ivy lost her front tooth!
Aunt Sharon took the girls shopping at Target!

Reading books with Aunt Sharon

Sharon and James, thank you for coming to visit us! Please come again soon! We enjoyed swimming, eating pizza, reading books, laughing and just being with you! We love you!

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