Sunday, June 03, 2012

Life with Ivy! I'm so thankful!

On Friday, Ivy woke up and we read for a long while. We did some math, danced with Hayley, and made muffins. Ivy looked at me and said, "Oh, mom! I really need a Sabbath! Can we have a Sabbath? I'm so tired!"

On Saturday, Brent took Ivy on a walk near his shop. They played hide and seek in the shop. Ivy hid behind the tractors and other stuff. Then, Brent took Ivy down to the river. It was such a pretty day. It was only 68 degrees. Beautiful. Brent told me that they were standing on the bank and that he was deep in thought looking at the river. Ivy looked at Brent and said, "Dad I know what you are doing. You are thinking about God's Beautiful creation. I've seen you do it before!"

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