Monday, February 13, 2012


We have been reading Little House in the Big Woods! I love this book! There are so so many lessons/units that we get to enjoy. After reading the chapter "Two Big Bears," we did a unit on bears. One day, Ivy woke up to "bear toast." Another day we got all the stuffed bears from MeMaw's house and our house weighed them, measured them and graphed our results. We also talked about the different types of bear species in the world. There are 8 different species. We talked about each one, cut out pictures of the bears and taped the pictures on our world map. It was so neat to talk about the world and where the different bears were found. We read other books about bears and had a great week! We also did a unit on maple syrup, dancing and a unit on owls!

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Michelle said...

You are awesome! I need to send Sean to your school! :-)